Learning Bravely, Together

St Michael's Collegiate School 2019

Learning Bravely, Together - Education Promotional Video

St Michael's Collegiate School, 2019

Director, DP, Editor: Angus Ashton
Narration written by Jimmy Clough

An education promotional video for St Michael's Collegiate School. Established in 1892, Collegiate is an early-learning to Year 12 day and boarding school for girls.

School Promotional Video, Collegiate


For over 125 years, young women have been part of the strong community at Collegiate - celebrated for its rich blend of academic excellence, sporting, arts and co-curricular opportunities. Set in the scenic Tasmanian capital, Hobart, Collegiate provides a world-class education in a safe corner of the world known for its natural beauty, culture and close-nit community. Angus Ashton Film was commissioned by the school to create a series of educational promotional videos to promote and advertise the plethora of opportunities a collegiate education offers its students. The series included one feature promotional video along with standalone pieces to advertise the the various campuses and specifically the junior, middle and senior school experiences. This school promotional video was filmed over 3 days across the Collegiate campuses.

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton Film provided a full production service for the project, covering concept development, videography and post production. The shoot took place at a number of locations across the schools 3 campuses while also on Mount Wellington/Kunanyi and the Derwent River for the hiking and rowing scenes respectively. 4 videos were created and delivered for marketing use on the schools website and social media channels.

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