Aggreko CSA Mine

Case Study

CSA Mine, Cobar - Industrial Corporate Video

Aggreko Asia-Pacific, Case Study, 2017

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A case study video for Aggreko, the global leaders in temporary energy generation, and their supply of power for cooling purposes at the CSA Gold mine in Cobar, NSW. Under the searing Australian heat, it gets hot and humid down in the underground tunnels of Cobar’s gold mine. Working beneath the surface in these extreme conditions is a risk to life and limb. When the wet-bulb temperature (temperature read by a thermometer covered in water-soaked material over which air passes) in the Cobar mine rose to 30°C, miners could work safely underground for only limited amounts of time, resulting in a loss of productivity.

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Knowing Aggreko had years of experience in the mining business, the owners of CSA mine called them in to fix their seasonal temperature problem. The cooling solution provided and operated by Aggreko's experienced technicians reduced the wet-bulb temperature to 27°C, and kept miners healthy and safe. Angus Ashton was engaged by Aggreko to create a case study video of Aggreko's involvement on the industrial site and the success of its cooling operations.

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton Film travelled to the remote NSW town and mine sites to capture operations on the ground. The resulting footage was then combined with drone footage and infographics to tell of Aggreko's successful technical solutions provided for cooling the gold mine. The final 2 minute case study video was used on the company social media channels and its footage utilised by its global marketing department.

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