Act Now, For Good

The Hutchins School 2019

Act Now, For Good - Marketing Video

The Hutchins School, 2019

Director, Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A fundraising video and marketing campaign for The Hutchins School needs-based scholarships campaign in 2019 - Act Now, For Good. Hutchins is committed to offering more and more scholarships to help young men, regardless of circumstance or background, benefit from the opportunities an education at the school entails. Angus Ashton Film was commissioned to create a social media marketing video as part of the 24 hour giving day fundraising campaign.

School Promotional Video, Hutchins School Logo


The marketing video would feature a number of past scholarship-recieving students, reflecting on their time at Hutchins and on how their respective scholarships equipped them in their school years and beyond. The video features 92 year old Dr Ian Wood who left hutchins in 1943 along with Old boys Craig Clifford (84'), Tom Wilcox (95') and Dr Charles Haward (11').

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton provided end-to-end production for the fundraising video, including original concept development and storyboarding, videography and post-production - all completed in a short timeframe. Working with Philathropic Advisor Clarissa McCoid, scenes with former students were filmed in locations across Hobart and Geelong including footage captured at the schools former Macquarie Street Campus as part of old boy Craig Clifford's scene. The video would prove to be an integral part of the fundraising campaign that went on to raise more than $225,000. The clip won the Award for Excellence in Fundraising Video Production at the Educate Plus VIC/TAS Chapter Conference in 2019.

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