Carbon Coco

Organic Dental Care

Carbon Coco - Product Video

Activated Charcoal, New Product Launch Video, 2018

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A product video for Carbon Coco, an Australian-owned and operated brand specialising in natural teeth whitening products.

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Angus Ashton Film worked with agency Glue Content to create this new product launch video for the Australian-owned and Melbourne-produced organic dental beauty brand. The clip promotes a range of their activated charcoal products and was shot in Docklands, Melbourne in July 2018.

What we delivered:

We worked with the Melbourne agency and talent, providing full production and post production for the product video while following the agency's fun and simple concept. The concept depicted four female friends, who had enjoyed a night out and returned to their apartment where they posed glamorously with deadpan stares. They smile revealing the delightfully-grotesque activated charcoal powder plastered on their teeth and then proceed to make use of a number of the brands mouthwash items. Working within a tight time-frame, the scenes were lit and filming took place over a few hours in the Docklands location. Along with videography and post production, Angus Ashton Film also provided product videography during the shoot for the toothpaste and other mouthwash items. A soundtrack was sourced to suit the fun and glam theme of the clip and its main target audience. The final cut was then delivered as a short, fast paced 45 second promotional video for use on the company website and its various social media channels and platforms.

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