Heads of Agency Tasmanian Government

White Ribbon 2017

Government & White Ribbon - Social Awareness Campaign

Tasmanian Government, 2018

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A social awareness campaign and government video production for the Department of State Growth Tasmania in support of the White Ribbon initiative, preventing violence against women and family violence throughout Australia.

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The Department of State Growth engaged Angus Ashton Film to create an awareness campaign social media video with a rapid turnaround. The piece features interviews with heads of department from the Tasmanian government as they discuss the the issue of domestic violence and its impact on the Tasmanian community. The White Ribbon initiative was also integral to the video. White Ribbon helps lead education on the prevention of domestic violence by men against women; educating schools, workplaces and society on the crucially important social issue.

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton Film worked with members from the Department of State Growth to interview heads of agency from major departments of the Tasmanian government. This was conducted in a very tight 2 day time frame with a large number of departments to be covered. B-roll vision of each head of agency along with their respective departmental area and/or colleagues was also captured to complement their interview footage. The family violence and white ribbon video was then edited with a fast turnaround and delivered to the Department of State Growth for use on their website and as a social media awareness campaign video.

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