The Best Beef on Earth

Giblin Halofresh Promotional Campaign 2014

A promotional video created for Shanghai importer of fine foods, Giblin Halofresh. Founded in 2012, Giblin Halofresh makes use of an online shopping system that enables swift transportation of international fruits, meat and beverage for Chinese consumers. The founders of Giblin are all elites born in the 1970’s. Young and sharp, they cultivated the trading line among the Asia-Pacific region focusing on industrial products and green food. Giblin continues to build relations with local growers and graziers to seek the finest produce for their customers. The video was shot in September 2014 on the picturesque farmlands of Northern Tasmania and the southern midlands.

Client: Giblin Halofresh, Shanghai

Year: 2014

Duration: 2:30 min

Language: English with Chinese Subtitles

Filmed and Edited by Angus Ashton

2nd Camera & Narration Written by Daniel Peek

Narrated by Stephen Bates

With thanks, Mures Restaurant Hobart,

Country Club Casino, Launceston