A Century Apart: The Derwent Valley, Now and Then

The Bush Inn, New Norfolk. 1880 & 2011

The Bush Inn is regarded as Australia’s oldest continuously licensed Hotel. It opened in 1825.

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New Norfolk from Pulpit Rock, New Norfolk. 1890 & 2011

This image was taken from Pulpit Rock. The hill overlooking New Norfolk is Peppermint Hill.


New Norfolk from Peppermint Hill. 1900 & 2011

Taken from Peppermint Hill, The previous vantage point of Pulpit Rock is directly above the bend in the river on the right.


The Shipwreck of the Barque ‘Otago’, Old Beach. 1880 & 2011

The wreck of the Convict Barque Otago. Located at Old Beach on the River Derwent. (update, the old image is infact the wreck of the South Carolina, in Risdon Cove, a few hundred meters downriver.)