The 1846 Society

The Hutchins 1846 Society Video

School Promotional Video, 2020

Director, Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A promotional video for the Hutchins School 1846 Society established to acknowledge and honour those who have confirmed a bequest to the School.

School Promotional Video, Hutchins School Logo

This video features Hutchins alumni Simon Bamford (1970), Robert Dick (1953) and Brian Kemp (1952), along with wife Lyn Kemp. Scenes in the video were filmed at the old Hutchins School campus at 131 Macquarie Street, Hobart, while also at the current campus and school museum. The video includes a digital restoration of the school coat of arms - put back to its former position on one of the large arched windows in the Macquarie street building. This school promotional video was shot, edited and directed by Angus Ashton Film.