Build their Imagination

Build Their Imagination - Giving Day 2021

Animated Video Production

Videographer, Editor, Animator: Angus Ashton, Asst. Animator: Angelina Garmash, Creative Direction, Concept & Writing: Story & Brand

A short promotional video for the Hutchins School Giving Day 2021.

School Promotional Video, Hutchins School Logo


The Hutchins School engaged Angus Ashton Film and Story & Brand, to create a video to promote the 2021 24 hour giving day. As a community, the school aims to raise funds on this day to ensure that its buildings and surrounds continue to support the education of boys for generations to come.

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton Film provided videography, editing and animation for the piece. Story & Brand's Creative Director, Andy Cooley, developed a concept focused around the imaginings of staff and students, both past and present. These ponderings of an exciting future, were brought to life as animation by Angus Ashton and Angelina Garmash. This animation was backed by video captured on campus - depicting a number of members from the schools wider community - including staff, students, alumni and parents.

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