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Dynamic Industrial
Video Production

Engaging films for Australian
industry & manufacturing.

Industrial videos are often just intended to be informational, but why not add a touch of excitement to them as well?

We create industrial films for sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, science and energy. Our videos are driven and cinematic, offering a different approach to your usual industrial videos. We are always looking for unique ways to showcase your products and operations and make your business stand out.

What types of industrial video are there?

There are many types of videos used by companies in the industrial sector, here are three of the most common:

1. Case Study Videos

Case study videos are informative and focus on a project or instance where a company has solved a problem. These videos are often a behind-the-scenes look at a company’s operations or manufacturing process. They are an effective way of raising brand awareness and demonstrating innovation. Case studies are a very versatile and effective marketing tool. They allow a company to showcase its expertise with a deeper look at the technical side of operations. These behind-the-scenes insights into business operations make them feel less like an advertisement. Our case study videos convey your important information while having a cinematic edge. We always look to capture human story elements that your viewers can relate to.

2. Product Demonstration Video & Manufacturing Videos

Product demo videos show your customers or workers how to use your product or equipment. A form of explainer video, they are a step-by-step explanation of how to use your product or service. This type of video is not unique to the industrial sector and is a common type of video for other markets too. In the industrial sector, these videos can also be used to show a company’s manufacturing process. They can also take the form of a training video.

3. Company Profile Video

Another type of video that is not unique to the industrial sector yet especially effective for it, is the company profile video. In the industrial sector, these videos are often displayed on websites, social media or used at a trade show to attract potential clients. They are a great way to introduce your business to prospective customers or investors.

Cinematic industrial video production that grabs attention.

It can be difficult to find industrial videos that are both informative and interesting. Our industrial videos focus on delivering your key messages with more cinematic visuals. That’s why we take a consultative approach to every project. We get to know your company, and through that understanding, tell your story in a way that will have the biggest impact and retain your audience. Whether you are looking for a video to feature your company, products or research, our team will provide avenues to ensure it takes its best form. Our videos often make use of dynamic motion graphics and animation to engage your target audience.

They understood the brief, communicated at all stages throughout the project and the final product far surpassed our expectations.

– Policy & Communications Officer, Energy Organization

Case Study: Powering a Dazzling Food Festival.

Aggreko, the World Leaders in Temporary Power Generation, aske to create a case study video on their provision of power for the Sydney and Melbourne Night Noodle Markets. This event brings the flavours of Asia to major cities in the form of a family-friendly food festival. Aggreko provided power for hundreds of mobile kitchens and light installations for the popular event. We captured their successful provision of energy in the form of an engaging yet informative case study video.

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