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Industrial video production is often about as entertaining as watching paint dry. While informational at their core, they don't have to be dull. We specialize in creating engaging videos for clients across a number of sectors including agriculture, mining, science, medicine and energy. Our videos break the mold of the same old corporate industry clip by being dynamic and driven. We aren't afraid to try something new to make your company stand out and often look to add a cinematic or human element to your video.

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Finding a balance.

Making industrial videos that strike a balance between being both engaging and informative can be a challenge. That's why we take a consultative approach to every project. We get to know your company, and through that understanding,
tell your story in a way that will have the biggest impact and retain your audience. Whether you are looking for a video to feature your company, products or research, we will provide avenues to ensure it takes its best form.

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A video that captures the
human side of your product

a case study

We were asked by Aggreko, the World Leaders in Temporary Power Generation, to create a case study video on their provision of power for the Sydney and Melbourne Night Noodle Markets. Aggreko provided power to hundreds of mobile kitchens and light installations for the popular event, and we captured their success in the form of an engaging yet informative case study video.


Take a look at how Aggreko helps bring the flavours of Asia’s Night Noodle Markets to the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.

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