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Government Video Production
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Impactful video for
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We’re a full-service video production company with extensive experience working with government. We have created many videos for departments and agencies in Victoria and Tasmania. Our team has a strong track record of delivering projects on time and budget. Collaborating with communications teams, we make videos that connect with target audiences. Our videos are often made to showcase departmental accomplishments. We also make video campaigns to raise awareness of important public issues. Departments we often work with include Justice, Police, Education, Parks and State Growth.

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Department of Justice Tasmania
Department of Justice Tasmania
Tasmanian Field Study Centres
Tasmanian Field Study Centres
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Going to the Magistrates Court
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Tasmania Police Recruitment

Why should government departments use video?

Video is a powerful way to communicate your message. It can engage and captivate audiences like no other medium.

There are many reasons why video is essential for government communication. From increasing transparency and engagement, to raising public awareness. Here are some of the ways professional video can help your government agency:

1. Boost Internal Communication

Video is a great way to improve communications within a department or agency. It can deliver important messages to staff and the wider community.

2. Increase Transparency

Video can help increase transparency within a department or agency. It can provide insight into their operation and showcase the work that is being done.

3. Increase Engagement

Video can also help increase engagement with stakeholders and the public. By sharing videos of events or activities people will feel engaged in a more personal way.

Two Government Public Servants Talking During a Government Video Production

Government video production that's delivered on time and budget.

We have a long history of working with government bodies. We understand the importance of delivering projects on time and within budget. We update Communications teams throughout each stage of a project. Ensuring a smooth process with no surprises along the way. We help manage every step so you can focus on other aspects of your workload.

Our team uses a variety of creative methods to make engaging and informative videos. We’re always looking for new ways to make them stand out, and we’re not afraid to try something new. Our videos have a cinematic edge. We create custom motion graphics and animation to maintain audience attention.

They were really great to work with and easy to speak to. Feedback on the video from Council members and colleagues has been very positive.

– Policy & Project Officer, Government Organization

Raising Departmental awareness with compelling video content:

The Department of Justice wanted to raise public-sector awareness of domestic violence. We made a video with frontline staff speaking on the impact it has on the Tasmanian community. Departments such as Police, Prisons and the Ambulance Service offered first-hand accounts. The film formed part of a wider social campaign to prevent domestic and family violence.

Empowering court visitors through the power of video:

The Tasmanian Magistrates Court was looking for a Hobart video production company to create a video series that helped visitors understand the court process. They engaged our team to develop a series that demystified the court experience. The series helps anyone understand the process of attending court. By utilizing clear visuals and straightforward explanations, the video series empowers visitors. It gives viewers the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate their court visit. It also offers insights into courtroom procedures, legal terminology, and the judicial process.

The Court’s commitment to improving visitor experiences is evident through this series. It reflects their dedication to ensuring justice is accessible to all. Visitors gain a deeper understanding of the court process. Where they can approach their court appointments with increased assurance and preparedness.

Government Video Production - a man in a court waiting room.

We have experience working with many Government entities. These include Justice, Police, Education, State Growth, Premier and Cabinet, Treasury and Parks. We specialise in delivering video projects for all government sectors.

For government projects our pricing model remains consistent. We tailor our services to fit within your budget and determine the best approach for your needs. For more detailed information on our fees, you can refer to our Pricing page. If you would like more help, feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote and guidance.

To get the ball rolling, please share with us any information you have. This can be a simple idea or a comprehensive brief. Our production team will help turn your concept into engaging video. Ensuring a seamless and collaborative experience throughout.

We enjoy creating videos. At the heart of our work lies a genuine drive and commitment to helping our clients. Our pricing is transparent. We ensure that we offer fair and competitive rates that aren’t inflated to meet budget limits. At the completion of every project, we offer a free strategy session. This can help ensure your video gets maximum exposure and usage. We will work ensure you are more than satisfied with the final product.

Yes, we offer 3d animation services. We have recently worked on 3d projects for the Department of Justice and Work Safe Australia. Animation is very versatile and especially effective for explainer or training videos.

This depends on your project size and type. For most projects, you can expect to receive the final project within 2-8 weeks. Should you require a faster turnaround, we can discuss options to meet your needs. We’ll work with your team to schedule project milestones that meet your timeline.

We guide you through every step of the process. Below is an outline of the stages involved.


For tender processes we provide options tailored to your brief and budget. We ensure that we have an understanding of the brief and desired outcomes before quoting. Once we are in agreement on the scope and strategy, we can proceed with the pre-production phase.


We hit the ground running with a meeting to discuss the brief in more depth. We narrow down a concept and timeline. Following this we assemble a script and/or storyboard. We provide you with a production schedule to work upon. Pre-planning is essential for efficiency. When it comes time to start filming, we want a strong roadmap to follow.


With the groundwork laid, we kickstart the production phase. This involves capturing interviews, B-roll, and other essential components. Depending on the scale of your project, filming may span from hours to several days.


As we transition into post-production, we begin the process of assembling the footage. This is where the magic of editing takes place. We colour grade footage and incorporate elements. These include voice over, music, sound design, motion graphics, visual effects, and subtitles. It’s during this phase that your vision starts to take shape and the final product begins to emerge. We include 3 revisions for every video to ensure you have opportunity to make any amendments.


Once we get final approval, we’ll deliver the end product, tailored to your needs. We provide formats for usage on websites, TV, social media, or any other platform you specify. We’ll make sure we provide as many options here as possible so you can maximize your videos usage into the future.

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