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Inspiring Promotional Videos for Schools and Universities

We create captivating videos to showcase your school.

Video is a powerful way of making your school or educational institution stand out. A well-produced video can form the cornerstone of your school or universities advertising strategy. It is an effective way to showcase your institutions ethos and offerings to viewers. A great school promotional video may win over prospective parents. It can fill incoming pupils with excitement about their future school life. It also has the power to attract top teaching talent to your ranks.

Our promotional videos for schools are innovative, engaging and full of emotion. Your school‘s message and point of difference, combined with our creativity and experience; that’s the formula for our videos. One that has helped many schools stand out in a crowded landscape. We understand that each school and university has its own culture, character and energy. We’ll help you capture yours and convey it in a way that resonates with your audience. Whether that’s prospective students, parents or staff members. The best school videos use effective storytelling methods to convey what your school has to offer. Over the years we have developed an approach that has helped schools get tangible results, with videos that people enjoy watching.

Why video is a great marketing tool for schools.

We create a wide range of cost-effective video content for schools and universities, tailored for their target audiences. Our solutions range from marketing videos to campus tours and video marketing strategies. Schools often engage us to achieve the following through video:

  • Increase student admissions and attract potential students.
  • Highlight the school’s unique aspects and learning experience.
  • Create a school virtual tour video that showcases facilities.
  • Celebrate the achievements of current students or teachers.
  • Improve their internal video marketing strategy.
  • Show graduate pathways and future opportunities.
  • Capture content for school social media platforms or the school website.
  • Advertise upcoming events such as open day or another special event.
  • Film testimonial videos with alumni to attract prospects.
Filming in a school environment can often be challenging. Especially when operating around busy classrooms. Our crew create a positive environment for students and teachers. Our process enables us to capture high quality video without impacting learners. We’ve spent a lot of time at hundreds of schools and educational facilities, so we know the best practices for filming. We understand that a school’s primary focus is on providing a nurturing and conducive learning environment for its students. We work closely with staff to plan our filming schedule in a way that minimizes disruptions to their daily routines and curriculum. Our crew members are not only skilled professionals but also friendly and approachable, making them easy to interact with for both students and staff.
Promotional videos for schools - father and son looking at future school building

A school promotional video as an effective fundraising tool.

The Hutchins School, one of Australia’s oldest schools, asked us to make a video for their new scholarship. We created a story-based video that incorporated the positive recollections of alumni. Old boys, both recently and long since departed, shared how the school has helped them in their own lives. The video was the cornerstone of a digital marketing and fundraising campaign that raised more than $225,000. In 2019 the clip won the Educate Plus Award for Excellence in Fundraising.

“There is no doubt that the time and money spent on producing the video was a major factor in the success of the day. The video formed the cornerstone of the social media campaign which allowed us to reach a much larger audience.”

Our team has extensive experience working in school and university settings. We have visited hundreds of educational institutions over the past decade. These have ranged from your local primary school to the top schools, colleges and universities in Australia.  Being able to see the diverse variety of schools and their individual characteristics has been a great experience. This has given us the insight on how to best capture the essence of individual school communities, cultures and offerings. We relish the opportunity to help your school with impactful video that gets results.

We offer a range of options that are tailored to your marketing budget. We also offer discounts for extended collaborations. You can visit our pricing page for more info. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly for a free quote and advice.

Yes, our crew all hold current Working with Vulnerable people/Working with Children checks for Tasmania & Victoria.

Schools generally display the videos we make for them on their homepage and social channels. Here they are typically embedded as YouTube or Vimeo videos. It is also common for schools to broadcast the the videos we make them on local or state television and in cinemas. We assist with this every step of the way.

Upon request, we will provide all of the raw footage shot at your school. This can be used for your schools marketing efforts in other projects in the future. This will usually be at no additional cost unless the content is significantly repurposed. Please contact us for further details.

You can view a sample of our educational videos further up this page. If you are looking for something specific, get in touch and we can provide relevant examples.

School Promotional Video - Hutchins School Student
TV Commercial Hobart IF Lab TVC Ad

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