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Rites of Passage

Capturing a program that develops positive character in students.

Corporate Video

Videographer, Editor, Director: Angus Ashton

A corporate video production in Hobart for The Hutchins School Character Development program facilitated by the Rites of Passage Institute in 2019. The camps principle aim is to prepare boys for their transition from childhood to adulthood. It also aims to equip and prepare their fathers or mentors for this important time in their child’s life.

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton Film provided videography of the event. Also provided was videography of subsequent studio sit-down interviews with key staff, parents and boys and post-production. A 3 minute corporate video clip was delivered to the school for use on social media channels and online. Its purpose – to promote the Character Development Camp and ultimately the positive impact it had on the participating fathers/mentors and their sons.

The school engaged Angus Ashton Film to create a video that captured the experience for boys and their mentors as they participated in the overnight camp. An important part of the project was ensuring that filming was completely unobtrusive and respectful of the camp participants and facilitators as they engaged in sensitive discussion. The event was held at the Lea camping grounds, around 10 minutes from Hobart. Boys and their fathers took part in a number of activities both together and in groups. Facilitators from the Rites of Passage Institute supported parents and boys, and encouraged them think and engage in discussions that wouldn’t usually have. The Rites of Passage Institute delivers transformative, inspiring programs and experiences globally. Their camps and leadership programs help people become more responsible and resilient, and have been conducted with over 50 schools around Australia, and in 15 different countries worldwide. Besides the obvious father/son bonding experience, the Hutchins camp also offered fathers a chance to connect and have conversations among themselves in a setting that encouraged vulnerability and open communication. Throughout the event many of the dads were able to have honest conversations revolving around topics such as parenting and their own experiences as their children transition into adolescence.

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