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A Melbourne Production Company

helping Victorian businesses and brands
with compelling video content, on time and budget.

Story-based video for Victorian brands and businesses.

We are a Melbourne video production company creating video content that is effective and engaging. Our videos have helped hundreds of Australian businesses and brands since 2010.

Specializing in promotional, brand and corporate video production, we make engaging story-driven films that resonate with audiences. Our end-to-end production service is supported by a proprietary client-portal to keep your project on track.

Since 2010, when we started offering Video Production Services in Tasmania, our videos have helped companies from every industry achieve their goals. Our recent clients in Victoria include Aldi, Honda, Deloitte, Manningham City Council and Rotary International.

Service Areas:

Hobart Melbourne

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While offering a full end-to-end solution, we also offer standalone production services. If you need videography in Melbourne or across Victoria, we offer competitive rates. We offer rapid turnaround times for social media content, explainer video and event coverage.

Video Production Melbourne
Video Production Melbourne, Children with mini windmills

On time and budget.

We are a trusted supplier for government departments and businesses across Victoria. We offer a reliable, professional video service with client satisfaction at the forefront. Our experience keeps your project on track.

Promotional Video

With our branded content and promotional video, we always use innovative new ways to promote your company. Our television commercials and tailored video marketing services have a track record of increasing profits and interest.

Corporate Video

Our corporate films avoid the trend of being bland and repetitive. We make cinematic corporate video, training films and educational videos that are as engaging as they are informative.

Documentary Services Tasmania

We offer documentary production services in Melbourne for local and international productions. Whether you need an editor, videographer or video producer, we can help.

Broadcast Video

We are an experienced provider of event video production in Melbourne. We offer multi-cam options tailored to your conference or event. You can rest assured knowing our videographers will capture high quality video content.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Video production costs vary for every project. You can read our Pricing page and try our Cost Calculator to get an idea of how video production pricing works. You can also contact us for more information and a free quote.

We are based in Melbourne and service Victoria. We also operate in Tasmania.

There are many excellent video production companies in Melbourne. We are a production company that ensures our clients are more than happy with the videos we make them. We are not the cheapest or the most expensive option. Our point of difference is that we provide a high-end service that’s both dependable and cost-effective.
The turnaround time for your video production project will vary. It generally depends on your video’s length and complexity. How fast your team can provide feedback is another determining factor. In most cases, production will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. Projects such as animation and corporate video production may take longer to complete than say, a simple social media video. If you have deadlines, we can often provide a rapid turnaround.
Angus Ashton Film was founded in 2010. Since then, we have expanded to service clients nationwide. Our client base includes small and large businesses, corporations, government, artisans and industry. We regularly collaborate with marketing agencies and other creatives on projects of all sizes.
We don’t do wedding videos, but we can strongly recommend MJPro for Wedding Videos in Melbourne.

A Simplified Process

– our process in six steps.
1. Brief
We get to know your business. Your project and needs are outlined and discussed. We learn about your brand, service, product and target audience and your desired outcomes from creating a video.
2. Pre-Production
Once we understand your needs and set a budget, we start to develop a concept, script and/or a storyboard. Pre-planning is essential for efficiency. When it comes time for filming we want to know almost exactly what needs to be shot.
3. Production
We commence videography in Melbourne or elsewhere in the state – capturing interviews, B-roll, your product or any other vital elements to be included in the video. The time spent in pre-production helps ensure that everything runs efficiently.
4. Post-Production
We move into post-production – editing begins, the footage is colour graded and elements are added such as voice over, soundtracks, motion graphics, VFX and subtitles.
5. Revisions & Amendments
We deliver the first draft and receive your input, the piece is then polished further and revisions are made to ensure the video is the best it can be and is achieving its intended purpose.
6. Delivery and Distribution
Upon final approval we deliver the video in the required format for use online, for broadcast on Victorian TV or for viewing on another delivery platform specified by you.

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