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Promotional Video Production
for Australian Businesses & Brands

Spark interest & increase sales
with cinematic promo videos.

When it comes to marketing your product or service, nothing quite beats the effectiveness of promotional videos.

A well-produced promo video has the power to generate an increase in sales for your business. It is also a cost-effective means of promotion. With deployment on your website or social media channel costing you next to nothing. If you are not using video to promote your business, then your marketing strategy may not be reaching its full potential.

There are many types of videos that fall under the promotional video umbrella. For example, corporate video, event video, explainers, product launch video clips or testimonials. A good promo video raises brand awareness without feeling too forceful. It sparks interest and curiosity without feeling like a sales pitch. We create engaging promotional video content that connects with your target audience. Our clients range from businesses and corporations to government and the educational sector.

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What types of promotional
videos are there?

1. Brand Story Videos

These videos make people more conscious of your company and what it does. They tell your story and why your product, service or event is unique. Our brand videos have cinematic visuals and focus on relatable storytelling that is relevant to your target audience.

2. Corporate Videos

These are similar to brand videos yet typically give a broader perspective of a company’s operations. They are often more informational and less customer oriented than a brand video. Our corporate videos are energetic, with a more cinematic look than usual for this type of video.

3. Product Videos

This type of video revolves around showcasing a particular product or service. They often take the form of a teaser video for a new product. Our past videos have showcased products ranging from dental items to software.

4. Explainer Video

Explainer Videos are designed to educate your audience about a particular topic. They are usually longer than other types of promotional videos. They often use graphics and animation to help explain complex concepts. Our explainer videos make use of dynamic motion graphics to ensure maximum customer engagement.

5. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are designed to show potential customers what others have said about your company or product. They are typically displayed on social media platforms. We work with interviewees to capture personable content that your viewers can relate to.

Cost-effective Story-based promo video.

We are a promotional video production company that focuses on storytelling. Our team takes the time to learn about you and your brand before creating a concept that tells your story. Whether you are looking to enhance your company’s visibility or promote a new product. We can help you create something unique to your business that works with your budget.

The final edit exceeded all of our expectations and became the benchmark for all of our promos moving forward.

– CEO, International Event Production Company

Event promo video for a unique touring festival.

XL Event Lab needed a promotional video for the Australian leg of the Big Bounce – the world’s largest bouncing castle festival. Our production team captured footage of the action and put together a short video for the Australian marketing campaign. The video became integral to the festivals video marketing, promoting ensuing worldwide tours.


We dedicate more time to pre-production for our promotional videos than is usual. This time put in at the beginning helps us achieve a higher production value at a competitive price point.

Our services cover a range of promotional video types, including brand story videos, product videos, explainers, event promos and testimonials. Each type is tailored for different audiences and to meet specific marketing objectives.

Brand story videos are instrumental in growing brand awareness and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Our cinematic visuals and storytelling approach ensure our videos are impactful and relatable. We highlight what really makes your brand unique and who the people are behind it.

We specialise in creating cost-effective story-based promo videos that align with your budget while delivering high-quality results. Whether you are a small business looking to enhance visibility or a large corporation launching a new product, we can fine tune our services to meet your needs.

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