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Infinite Monster

Capturing a unique puppetry installation by Terrapin

Promotional Art Video

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A promo video for “Infinite Monster” by Terrapin Puppet Theatre – the centre of excellence for contemporary puppetry in the country – creating puppetry-based performances for people of all ages, and touring worldwide.

What we delivered:

We shot the unique puppetry art installation over 2 sessions at the Dark Mofo event in Hobart, Tasmania. The video was then edited together with an aim in showcasing the installation, participant engagement and also the process that they go through in creating their ‘Infinite Monster’. Motion graphics were created and utilised to help demonstrate the steps participants go through in the event.

Terrapin Puppet Theatre engaged Angus Ashton Film to create a promotional art video depicting Infinite Monster, participants taking part in the event and the process of their joint creations: four tents are set up in a public space around a tower of LCD screens. In each tent, a participant draws part of a character on an iPad – for example a Viking’s head or a sea monster’s tail. As the character is drawn, the audience watch it appear in real time on the corresponding screens of the tower. When the drawings are complete, the participants step out of their tent and see their collective creation projected high above them. The monster then fades away and the screens are ready for the next creation to emerge.

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