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Aggreko Control Platform

Visualizing a groundbreaking power control platform in 3D.

Aggreko Australia Pacific

Our team created a 3d animation for the Aggreko, world leaders in temporary power generation. The project focused on their Control Platform – a versatile system adept at managing various power sources, from diesel generators to multi-source renewable plants. Within a constrained timeframe, we conceptualized a straightforward yet engaging and informative approach. Leveraging the capabilities of Octane renderer, we translated this concept into a short 3D animated video.

The final video serves as a concise but informative introduction to the platform, demonstrating its benefits in a clear and accessible manner.

If you’re curious about harnessing the potential of 3D animation for your own projects, let’s chat further. We’re here to discuss how this technology can practically amplify and visualize your ideas, bringing them to life in a way that’s engaging and informative.

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