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Going to the Magistrates Court

A video series that demystifyies the process of going to the Magistrates Court.

Government Video Series

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A informational video series created for the Department of Justice Tasmania. The four part series was developed to demystify the Magistrates Court experience in Tasmania. The videos were put together as an accessible resource for anyone who has to go to Court, regardless of their literacy level. The series informs the viewer of the steps involved, and the relevant information for each stage of the court process.

What we delivered:

End-to-end production was provided for the project; handling everything from initial storyboarding to filming and post production. The series was delivered within a short timeframe to feature on the refreshed Tasmanian Magistrates Court website.

For this government video production, The Department of Justice Tasmania engaged Angus Ashton Film to create a four part series on the Magistrates Court process with a specific focus on ease of understanding and accessibility. The series looked at four stages involved in Going to the Magistrates Court: preparation for Court, arriving at Court, inside the Courtroom, and the aftermath. The series was filmed over two days with assistance from the Department of Justice, court staff and a number of legal practitioners. 

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