Department of Justice

First responders discuss the impacts of domestic violence.

Government Awareness Campaign

DP, Editor: Angus Ashton
AC: Oliver Deanestone

A corporate video created for the Department of Justice Tasmania to raise awareness and support the prevention of violence against women and family violence throughout Tasmania. 

What we delivered:

Angus Ashton Film provided full video production services – handling videography in Hobart, post-production and delivery of the corporate film in a number of formats for internal use by the government. The video was shot around Hobart across 2 days – visiting numerous state departments to film interviews and b-roll footage with key staff and personnel. 

For this government video, The Department of Justice engaged Angus Ashton Film to create a short corporate film that aimed to raise awareness on the topic from the perspective of first responders. There are more than 10,000 cases of family violence proceeded against by police every year in the state. The video features interviews with a number of staff from their respective government departments and units; those with a front-line view of the impact of family violence on the Tasmanian community. These were units such as the Tasmanian Prison Service, Ambulance Tasmania, The Family Violence Unit from Tasmania Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions Office. The video also aimed to continue the White Ribbon initiative and show the positive work that government departments are having in working together on the issue.

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