Yoga Immersion

The Studio HQ

Yoga Immersion - Social Media Video Production

The Studio HQ, 2020

Ashton & Peek - Editor: Angus Ashton, DP: Daniel Peek

Social Media video content for the Studio HQ and their 6 day Yoga immersion event in late 2020.

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The Studio HQ now features virtual Pilates, Cycle, Yoga, and Barrecode to help people find their health and fitness balance, all online and all at home. Ashton & Peek were engaged to shoot and edit a series of videos for the Studio HQ in Hobart. The videos were shot over an evening and delivered within a tight timeframe to promote the Yoga Immersion event that ran in late 2020.

What we delivered:

In total, more than 6 rapid turnaround social media clips were created for use on the Studio HQ's website and respective social media channels.

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