How long should a corporate video be?

You may be looking to engage a video production company to create
a corporate video for your business and wondering what length it should be.

below are some of the main considerations.

People are watching shorter content than ever before.

With the last 15 years seeing the rise of social media and a continual increase in mobile device usage, we are consuming content more rapidly and from more outlets than ever before. At the same time, our collective attention spans have been decreasing. A recent study by Microsoft found that when consuming content, the average human attention span has dropped by 25% over the last decade. The effects of today’s highly digitized lifestyle mean we lose concentration much quicker than decades before.

The impact this has had on viewing habits for video marketing content has been profound. It is now harder than ever to capture and retain your potential customers attention. People simply don’t have the attention spans to digest content that doesn’t engage them early on.

How long should a corporate video be?

So, with this in mind, how long should your corporate video run for?

Today, 60 – 120 seconds is considered a good length for a corporate or promotional video. This duration is enough for a viewer to digest crucial information without investing too much of their time and attention.

There are however a few factors to consider when deciding on a length for your video that may mean a shorter or longer duration is more appropriate. These variables are often intertwined.

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the platform? (Online/Television/Trade Show etc.)
  • What is the aim of the video?

Let's explore these in more depth:

The Target Audience:

Who are you making the video for? Is it for your customers, stakeholders or the wider public? Is it designed to appeal to viewers of a specific age bracket, gender, profession or those with a certain interest? This is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to commission a corporate video and one that should partially dictate the length. Ideal durations will vary depending on how and why your audience are watching your video.

The Platform:

Where and how is your video content going to be played? Will it be embedded on your company website, published on your social media channels or viewed by stakeholders in a presentation? If you intend on publishing your clip as a Facebook video, you might want to keep it short and sweet. There is a reason the 15 second Instagram Story format exists. A Social media platform is content-saturated by nature, so you are already competing with countless other content for your viewer’s attention. On the other hand, if your final piece is to be presented in a face-to-face presentation, you already have a captive audience who likely have a good reason for watching. In situations like this you might want to consider a longer video.

The Aim:

What is the video designed to achieve? Are you looking to garner donations, increase product sales or raise awareness of a cause or social issue? Perhaps your video is a recruitment video aimed at attracting a certain talent pool to your startup. These intended outcomes often require varying lengths of screen time. If you truly need more time to get your message across, make the video longer. Always avoid trying to cram too much information into a short video. You risk overwhelming your viewers.

By carefully considering these main 3 variables and how they apply to your project, you can get an idea of the ideal length for your next corporate or promotional video. While there is no one size fits all duration, shorter video is generally recommended for corporate projects. For other videos such as training videos and explainers, you may need a completely different run time. If you display your videos on a platform such as YouTube, it might be a good idea to look at the video analytics page to see how your videos are performing. This data will show you the average time people are watching your YouTube video, and where any drop offs in engagement are.

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