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Build with Batteries

Client: Aggreko Australia Pacific
Type: 3D Animation

Aggreko, the global leaders in temporary power generation, asked us to create a short 3D animation that showed practical usage of their modular battery solutions within the construction sector. As the world looks towards more sustainable future, taking progressive steps in reducing emissions is vital. Understanding this importance of this transition, Aggreko expanded their energy storage options to help major construction projects go green, while maintaining high performance and reliability standards.


We put together a simple concept illustrating the construction phase of a building and the integration of Aggreko’s battery technologies to demonstrate their seamless implementation. We then modelled the scene, incorporating characters, Aggreko’s modular batteries and a simple isometric-style construction scene. The result was an engaging and informative video that helped illustrate the practical usage of their battery solutions. The final video was hosted on the Aggreko website. Contact us today to learn more about how our animation services can effectively convey your message with impact.

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