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MetLife 360Health

In the space of a few minutes Shane went from being fit and healthy to spending 23 days in hospital.

MetLife Insurance

Camera/Editor: Angus Ashton
Director: Travis Crosbie
AC: Martin Han
Sound: Bruce Armstrong
Agency: Storyation

We partnered with Storyation on this project for MetLife, one of the world’s largest providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. We provided full production services for a 3-minute case study that tells the story of a MetLife customer who was left with serious injuries following an accident.

In September 2021, Shane was injured in a magpie attack while out on a bike ride near his home in Melbourne. He sustained multiple fractures and nerve damage and was hospitalized for 23 days. 

MetLife’s 360Health Early Intervention program provided Shane with rehabilitation services during the policy waiting period, and he was back to work within four months—much sooner than expected. Thanks to 360Health, Shane was able to recover quickly and get back to his life. We shot the video across two days in South East Melbourne and delivered the final cut within a short timeframe. The video was used by MetLife as a case study clip on their website and social media channels. Shane is loving his new lease on life, even though his wife has banned him from riding his bike during magpie season. “I know the new me is not the old me,” he says. “But the accident made me reassess the bigger picture about what’s important. I’m looking forward to living my new life to the fullest and being with the people I love.”

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