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Nodebang 313RGB

A promotional video for 313RGB

Editor: Angus Ashton

An edit for 313RGB by Angus Ashton. Nodebang confronts the flood of daily aggregated content we are exposed to through the relentless progression of technology. AI based learning machines and neural networks compute, assess and generate information, feeding content and assembling didactic structures on mass. We observe this constructed landscape, of written form, pattern and shape through the eyes of a machine that has none. A series of bespoke typefaces were created to work within the framework questioning the concept of when does type become pattern, pattern becomes expressive form.

Nodebang is a customised web application which uses Node.js to allow multiple users to interact with it through an interface that feeds data to a server, which in turn sends the data to a browser window that dynamically responds to the data. It is visualised through a large scale outdoor projection of type, pattern and play. Nodebang uses open sockets for real-time two-way data flow, input/output reactive collaboration.