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Leeton Lee

A talented artist and his collaboration with Aggreko at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Video Case Study, 2018

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

As part of Gold Coast’s commitment to preserving its Aboriginal heritage, Aggreko commissioned artist Leeton Lee to create a bespoke artwork for one of the power giants large generator containers to celebrate the 2018 Commonwealth Games – an event that Aggreko supplied temporary power for.

What we delivered:

We travelled to the Gold Coast to meet and interview the talented artist at his home studio in 2018. A short 2 minute case study clip was then put together, describing Leeton’s artistic journey, and his collaboration with the global temporary energy company. 

Leeton Lee’s artwork featured traditional symbols to tell the story of Aggreko as an energy source, the journey of spectators who visited the 2018 games, and the backdrop of the hinterland mountains and landscape visible from the Gold Coast. Aggreko commissioned Angus Ashton Film to interview Leeton Lee and put together a case study video on the creation of his artwork and his collaboration with Aggreko. In his work Leeton uses acrylic mediums with luminescence to create a glowing effect and utilizes 3 dimensional features to add an extra element of uniqueness to his art. His paintings are a mix of earth colours of the land, saltwater colours of the ocean and the more contemporary colours found in modern art. Leeton began his painting career in 2013 and is continually developing his work that often features both stories he has heard, and those from his own personal journey. The final video was showcased on Aggreko’s online channels

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