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Aggreko Strike Energy

A case study video for the World leaders in temporary power generation.

Video Case Study

Videographer, Editor: Angus Ashton

A video case study for Aggreko, the global leaders in temporary power generation, and their provision of power for Strike Energy. To find out if Strike Energy’s Cooper Basin Project had the gas reserves to bridge the energy fuel gap, Strike drilled one of the most technically advanced Coal Seam Gas wells – deeper than any completed in Australia before.

What we delivered:

Filming was completed over two days in blistering heat with a great deal of content to cover. The final edit was then put together adhering to Aggreko’s global marketing brand specifications. 

The site is very remote, with no grid power within. For this plan to work, Strike needed a dependable, safe and flexible energy solution, coupled with an experienced provider to partner with. Aggreko provided all of these needs plus met operational requirements within a short timeframe. Angus Ashton Film was engaged by Aggreko to create an industrial case study video of Aggreko’s involvement on the site and the success of its operations. Filming was conducted in September 2018 at the extremely remote site in the Southern Cooper Basin. We travelled more than 8 hours from Adelaide to the remote gas site to shoot the piece. The final clip was used online to demonstrate the temporary power giants capabilities and expertise in providing power to such remote sites.

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