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We Ponder Ceramic Lighting

Tasmanian-made unique handmade ceramic lighting.

We Ponder Ceramic Lighting

We created a short brand story video for We Ponder and their unique Australian handmade ceramic lights. We Ponder is a proudly Tasmanian-based company that was founded in 2020 to provide interior design clients with beautiful, handmade lighting products. Since commencing they have brought light to hundreds of homes and commercial spaces in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. We Ponder’s design ideas are brought to fruition by an incredibly talented Tasmanian-born ceramicist who was taught by Japanese Master Potter, Shigeo Shiga. The unique nature of clay and its ability to be molded into functional objects has been around for 20,000 years.

We Ponder has chosen to embrace the qualities of clay, rejecting trends and honoring the craft by creating timeless contemporary pieces. We shot a video across one afternoon at a pottery studio in Cygnet in 2022. The video showcased the production process of a number of We Ponder’s handmade ceramic lights. From molding clay, to glazing, kilning and final packaging – each process was captured to show the intricacies and unique forms of We Ponder’s designs. The auditory experience of molding, glazing and kilning clay, and the machinery involved, was recorded to give the viewer a sense of each light’s tactile form. The final video was displayed on We Ponder’s website and their social media channels.

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