313RGB Black — Secret Warehouse Party from 313RGB on Vimeo.

313RGB Black — Secret Warehouse Party – 313rgb.com

Consorting in the darkness 313RGB performed live A/V with German renowned industrial heavyweight Ancient Methods for Black, a Secret Warehouse Party set in a now disused Mortuary on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD.

313RGB devised a layered dual screen system which framed the artists between two depths of live projection. Focusing on the thematic of Chaotic Brutalism, it was channelled through stripped back monochromatic signal decay, analogue/digital feedback & compressed geometric form. Reflecting the raw and powerful sonic performances, creating a disfigured atmosphere for the event.

Presented by Billion Underground. Acts Included: Ancient Methods (Live), Duaa Svim (Live), Gene Hoffmann, Matt Van Diemen, Lorenzo & Lost Few.

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Video shot by 313RGB Christopher Norman
Edited by Angus Ashton